We will never meet again

When we met the very first time
We hardly spoke a sentence
We promised to let it be the last time
For ever more
We’d looked just into each others eyes and
And we simply knew it
That the one would never like the other
It seemed so clear
We promised

We will never meet again
Oh no no no no no-o
We will never meet again
No no no no no.

Time goes by and time went by as
Well as it does always
He forgot me I forgot him
We didn’t meet again
Till it happened, I flew to New York
Eight hours flight from Munich
Guess who took the place on my left…
I’ll never forget his face as I said

We will never meet again…

We didn’t speak, we didn’t think
Of making some stupid small talk
Till there was a voice that said
“Perhaps this plane will never land…
the usual way…”
He looked at me, I looked at him,
And suddenly we both laughed
“Do you think” said he “the same?
If that’s true, one good thing’s still left!

For then we’ll never meet again…”

Plane landed softly and no one was hurt
And we just had to live on
We went our ways but couldn’t change
To live guess… door to door.

The story ends, how could it else,
With love, and we’re so happy now
And no one ever understands
That when we argue we sing
And then we’re even more in love again.

‘cause we simply know that
We will never meet again…