Sing ein Lied (wenn es kein andrer tut)

Sing ein Lied wenn es kein andrer tut
Rette die Welt – wer sollte es sonst tun, wenn nicht du?
Und fürchte dich nicht!
Liebe dein Leben, es ist das einzige, was du hast
Segle auf Träumen, wenn du kein Segelboot hast und
Bitte lauf nicht davon

Don’t tell me that you don’t wanna live
Don’t tell me that you wanna give up
Don’t tell me that the sky is grey
Don’t tell me that your world is blue
Don’t tell me ‘cause I already knew
Don’t tell me that “there’s nothing worth living for me”
For there’s really enough
Don’t tell me there’s no one for you
Hey tell me who are you and who are you if
You are not for you!

So sing a song when no one other will do
Save the world – who else should do it but you?
And don’t be scared!
Love your life, it’s the only one you have got
Sail on dreams if you don’t have a yacht and
Don’t run away.

Didn’t you know that also Rome wasn’t built in a day?
World hasn’t always been that way?
Don’t tell me that I cannot reach the stars or say
Was Rome built in one single day?
It all depends on your will
If you want it to happen it will
Hey don’t tell me that I cannot reach the stars
Or say was Rome built in one single day.

So sing a song…